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Huntington Beach …in about an hour (Point-and-shooting)

Today was my last day in Huntington Beach. I actually wanted to get some sunset shots over the ocean with my point-and-shoot camera and give a free tip on shooting sunsets. Then I had so much fun, I got carried away and distracted with all sorts of other stuff, too.

Let’s see here, where am I again?

Statue of Duke!

Here’s a free SNAPshops photo tip.  Want to take better sunset pics?  The kind where the colors come out just the way you see them, or even better?  Here’s a simple tip.  Get more tips like this at my Point-and-Shoot workshops:  To take better sunset pics, simply find your exposure compensation mode.  Drop your exposure (you are essentially forcing your camera to “underexpose” the shot.  The reason for this is that your camera is always trying to give you the best exposure possible by EVALUATING the amount of light that is coming into your image.  It’s not used to you pointing your lens to the sky.  So it automatically tries to compensate your exposure inaccurately…. and your photos come out over exposed and all of those pretty colors are suddenly gone when you see your pictures.  So force you camera to “underexpose” for sunsets by adjusting your exposure compensation mode and dropping it by 1 and 1/2 stops.  Like this!

But if you are trying to get a shot of a person with a sunset in the background, you need to turn on your fill flash, but adjust your shutter speed if your camera has a shutter priority mode.  Again, learn more at my SNAPshops!  :)


Recently I have been working with the owner of Main Street Pedicabs.

Shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone, but I am working on a new pedicab for his lineup, and it’s gonna be STELLAR.

This is j

WPPI, Comin’ Right Up!

Jessica & Todd, an Arizona Biltmore Destination Wedding!

Hello blog, it’s been a while.

I photographed this really cool wedding yesterday at my favorite venue, Arizona Biltmore.  Jessica and Todd are from Seattle and per my best prediction, I predict they will be married forever.  I can’t say that about every wedding I have photographed!  :)

I will let the pics to most of the talking.  But it starts with a Rehearsal Dinner BBQ.  Ready?  Here goes!  Grab your popcorn and read vines.  380ish pictures in one single bloggy post!  :)


I haven’t posted here in a while.  I have been so busy.  But I wanted to post something for all the people who have been asking me to make another post!

I’ve learned a lot

Dinner at Kent’s

I don’t hang out with a lot of photographers, but my friend Kent has been a great friend since the very beginning for me.

I love going to his place for dinner. Sometimes they cook, sometimes I do. It’s a lot of fun, and their home has sort of become my “happy place”, it’s got a great vibe, and we always have a great time. Kent’s wife, Geri is also hilarious, and so we always have a great time. Last week I brought my Canon G7. There is now a G10, but my GT is weathered and worn, traveled the world with me and still takes great photos. So I have a sentimental attachment to it and don’t care to upgrade!

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